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[ooc] app for [community profile] soulgemmed

Player name: Junebug
Contact info: [plurk.com profile] lovebakery + [personal profile] shaymin
Other characters currently played: Osomatsu Matsuno

Character name: Ahiru (in the manga, she is given the last name Arima)
Age: 14-15, her actual age is not specified
Canon: Princess Tutu
Canonpoint: post series

Background: basic plot || episode guide || Ahiru || Princess Tutu || there are spoilers in this application!

Ahiru is... a duck, not just a duck-like person, but an actual duck. She was born a duck and grew up living on a lake in a forest outside Gold Crown Town. As far as we know, she lived a normal duck life, a peaceful life, alone on the water. That was until she met the Prince. Early one morning, she saw him dancing on the lake. He was graceful and very handsome, and Ahiru was immediately struck by his beauty. She even says later that his looks were the first thing that drew her to him.

But as Ahiru continued to watch the Prince dance, she noticed that his eyes were full of emptiness. He looked so lonely, and Ahiru wished that she could help the Prince. Not only did she long to dance with him, but she very much wanted to rid him of his sadness. Ahiru's only wish was to make the Prince smile.

Ahiru is granted the ability to live as a human girl after receiving a pendant from a man named Drosselmeyer. Her happiness comes with a price, however, as it is discovered that Drosselmeyer is actually using Ahiru to act out the role of Princess Tutu in his story, the Prince and the Raven. As Princess Tutu, Ahiru will be able to aid the Prince in his quest to regain his heart, but that's all. If she ever tells him that she loves him, she is doomed to turn into a speck of light and vanish.

Personality: Despite joining the ballet classes at school, Ahiru is anything but graceful. She acts on impulse, usually jumping into things without thinking too hard about them. If her friends are in danger, she will risk her life to help them. Ahiru is very talkative and animated. She has a mostly positive outlook on life; if she fails at something, she just tries harder until she can accomplish her goals. And even when she is punished, she takes her tasks seriously. She is carefree and honest, even though she has been stuck in an incredibly tragic tale.

Princess Tutu is Ahiru's alter-ego, and she is very different; Tutu is graced with poise and beauty, perfect ballet skills, and the ability to communicate directly with other people through dance. As she is only a character from a storybook, Tutu is only needed to be a cataclysmic heroine. Ahiru was given these gifts in order to help the Prince, as long as she kept the story moving. In the end, Tutu was supposed to confess her love and disappear. Therefore, Tutu keeps her feelings toward the Prince guarded and can only convey her love through dance and by returning his heart to him, piece by piece.

But, in the end, Ahiru is just a duck, after all, and not really a human girl. So she acts like such.

Because of the pendant given to her, Ahiru is able to transform into a human when she touches water (any kind of water, any temperature, and it can be the tiniest drop). Ahiru is very much like a normal girl when she is a human, able to make friends easily and bring people happiness. Despite her gawky limbs and almost comedic outward appearance, Ahiru never fails to make a lasting impression. She has a kind heart and puts her friends before her own happiness. It is important to note that even though Ahiru loves Mytho herself, she still sees Rue as a better candidate and is never jealous of her, nor does she judge her. Ahiru never judges anyone, even if they have wronged her in the past. She is accepting of peoples' changes, even helps change them (Fakir mentions that she changed him), and rarely loses sight of her ultimate goal, which is returning Mytho's heart to him. Tutu is viewed by almost everyone as hope, the hope to move forward, hope to overcome obstacles, hope in oneself.

As a human, Ahiru is clumsy in dancing. She even has trouble walking and sometimes communicating. She jumps to conclusions, is hasty and loud, and very duck-like. She often spaces out and gets so engrossed in her own thoughts that she will not hear if people are talking to her. When Ahiru is a bird, she is, naturally, unable to speak to humans. The most she can do is waddle about. Without her pendant from Drosselmeyer, Ahiru cannot be human at all, and if she quacks or does anything duck-like while she is a human, she will change back to her original form.

Tutu is completely different from Ahiru in both looks and dexterity; she is lithe and beautiful, her dancing perfect in every move. Her speaking pattern also changes, and she is able to communicate in a more refined manner than when she is Ahiru. Tutu has the power to reach people through words and dance (even going as far as attempting to dance a Pas de Deux by herself to show the Prince that she can do anything as long as he is beside her), as well as collect the Heart Shards and return them to Mytho. Her actions can be as much flaws as they are noble gestures, as she leaps into battle without a second thought. Ahiru basically sacrifices her whole existence in order to rescue the Prince, Mytho. She never thinks about herself, only those who are suffering.

By the end of the series, with a little help from Fakir, Ahiru accepts her true self, the duck. She knows that once she restores Mytho's heart, The Prince and the Raven will end. Ahiru will go back to being a duck, and won't be able to talk to her friends or go to school and continue to learn dance. That is just who she is, entirely selfless.

Wish: "I wish I could dance with my friends one last time."

For what is probably the first time in Ahiru's life, the duck makes a selfish wish. She did not expect it to come true, she thought that she was just having a chat with Kyuubei, reminiscing, and she said it without much thought behind it.

Kyuubei came to Ahiru on a warm sunny day when she was on the lake. He caught Ahiru at what could be considered a low point for her, but it wasn't really. Ahiru is content with the choices she made, and she knows she did everything she could to help the prince. It's just that... sometimes, she thinks about the past, and how she was a girl, who went to school, and danced with Mytho, Fakir, and Rue. And she misses it.

She expresses these thoughts to Kyuubei, and that is when he offers her the contract. Ahiru does not believe that he can grant any wish she desires, so she makes the offhand comment that she would like to dance with her friends again, but she makes the mistake of saying "I wish" at the beginning. Before she knows what is happening, she is a human girl again, and in a new town...


Passive ability: Capoeira - The user can infuse dance in their physical attacks, having the ability to move from one attack to the next effortlessly while being graceful and elegant. The user can dodge attacks easily, execute combat with little problem. [taken from here]

Active ability: Saltatokinesis - User can control actions of the targets by dancing, this may include even inanimate or dead targets, but only the target's body, not their minds. [taken from here]

Weapon: A pair of pink pointe shoes